5 Best Wormers for Chickens in 2021 – Reviews & Top Picks

It is common for chickens to become infected with worms, and sometimes an infection never creates any problems. However, worms can often propagate and overwhelm a chicken’s body as time goes on. Without treatment for worms, chickens can become lethargic and stop growing properly. They may also lay fewer eggs throughout the week. In extreme cases, a worm infestation can kill a chicken.

Luckily, there are many chicken wormers available on the market that can be used to free your poultry of worm infestations. The problem that most chicken owners face is figuring out which product to invest in. Whether you are just learning how to deworm your chickens or you are simply looking for a better worming product, we put together comprehensive reviews of the best wormers for chickens on the market. Hopefully, you will find just what you need right here!

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

The 5 Best Wormer for Chickens — Reviews 2021

 1. Verm-x Liquid Poultry and Fowl Internal Parasite Formula

Verm-x Liquid Poultry & Fowl Internal Parasite_Amazon

  • Formula Type: Liquid
  • Species Suitability: Chickens and Fowl
  • Manufacturer: Verm-X

Verm-x liquid poultry and fowl parasite formula is a naturally derived supplement that can be added to your chickens’ water dishes. It can be administered to chickens of all ages, making it a great option for those who raise multigenerational poultry. It is designed to be gentle on the digestive system so appetite is not affected. This is a gentle formula that is meant for ongoing use, not just when signs of parasite infestation show up.

The eggs that your hens lay while being treated are safe for human consumption, so there is no need to worry about losing food production just because your chickens get worms. The odor of this product leaves much to be desired, though, so some chickens will avoid it if possible. Therefore, it is a good idea to take away other drinking water options until the water that is medicated has been exhausted.


  • Easy to administer
  • Safe and effective
  • Does not affect egg safety


  • Must be administered monthly

2. Chicken WORMwood

Merck Animal Health Mfg-Safeguard_Amazon

  • Formula Type: Liquid
  • Species Suitability: Chickens and birds
  • Manufacturer: William Hunter Equestrian

This easy-to-use product is made just for chickens and other birds that may frequent your property. Just add it to their outdoor water dishes a few days a month to kill worms and fight off infestations throughout your flock. Chicken WORMwood is made of all-natural herbs, so there is no need to worry about overdosing your birds. Designed with hens in mind, this product will not inhibit their ability to lay eggs like normal during treatment.

This product is soothing on the intestines and digestive system, which can help a badly infected chicken feel better and get back to eating quickly. Chickens that drink the medicated water you provide and are not infected will be protected from possible infection later. The product should be stored in a cool, dry place between uses.


  • Easy on digestion
  • Made with all-natural herbs
  • Fights off multiple types of worms


  • The small container won’t last long for big flocks

3. Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension

Pyrantel Pamoate Suspension_Amazon

  • Formula Type: Liquid
  • Species Suitability: All animals and humans
  • Manufacturer: Apexa/Diversified Manufacturing Corporation

This product is designed to eliminate mature pinworm and roundworm infections in all animals and humans, making it an excellent choice for farm and household use. It comes in liquid form and can be administered via water or a syringe. However, you will need to consult your veterinarian to find out how much you should be providing your chickens based on things such as their type, size, and age.

This is a medication, not an herb. Therefore, it is important to follow your vet’s administration guidelines and ensure that your chickens do not overconsume the product. You may need to separate infected chickens for treatment so uninfected chickens do not accidentally consume the medication.


  • All animals and humans can use this product
  • Treats mature pinworms and roundworms
  • Effective on serious infections


  • Does not come with directions for animals — must consult a vet for guidance.

4. HomeoVet Avian WRM Clear

Homeo Vet. WRM_Chewy

  • Formula Type: Liquid
  • Species Suitability: Chickens
  • Manufacturer: HomeoVet

HomeoVet designed this worm removal product just for chickens to relieve them from eyeworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. Not only does this product treat worm infections, but it also helps prevent the onset of future infestations without any side effects. The product contains no chemicals or artificial ingredients, so it should not affect the appetite or behavior of your chickens.

This product itself does not kill worms. However, it does support the immune system so chickens can get rid of worm infestations themselves. Serious infections may require the added use of a prescription if improvements are not seen while using only HomeoVet WRM Clear. The package contains only 15 ML in it, so it is not the best option for large chicken flocks.


  • Helps get rid of eyeworms, tapeworms, and roundworms
  • The tasteless formula cannot be detected by chickens
  • Produces no known side effects


  • Does not kill parasites directly
  • Not suitable for large flocks

5. VetRx Poultry Aid

Vetrx Poultry Aid_Amazon

  • Formula Type: Oil
  • Species Suitability: Chickens and Ducks
  • Manufacturer: Vet RX

VetRx poultry aid is designed to enhance a chicken’s immune system and help them naturally fight off worm infestations. In addition, it has been shown to help chicks recover from colds and illnesses more quickly. It may even help keep respiratory illnesses at bay. To treat parasites, this product is added to a chicken’s water. Drops can be administered directly on the skin and in the nose and mouth to treat other ailments at any given time.

The substance is oily and tends to float on top of the water, which optimizes the chance that a chicken will consume some when they get a drink. Because it is oily, it is easy to manage, whether preparing a single dose or multiple doses at one time. The usage directions offer many options and recommendations that should make product utilization easy for beginning chicken owners and expert farmers.


  • Enhances the immune system
  • Helps chickens fight worms, colds, and respiratory illnesses


  • Does not directly kill worms
  • Some birds don’t like the smell and taste

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Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you prepare for and execute the task of comparing different chicken wormers to one another so you can determine which is the best for you and your flock.

Consider the Situation First

When deciding on which type of wormer for chickens to invest in, it is important to consider how your chickens are doing. If they seem extremely infected and ill, it is a good idea to contact your veterinarian first to see if prescription treatments are necessary. You can always use one of the natural, over-the-counter options on our reviews list along with prescription medication that your vet gives you together until the infection lessens and then transition your chicks off the prescription.

Also, consider how many chickens that you need to treat. Are you treating the whole flock or just a handful? If the entire flock does not need to be treated, you should establish a temporary pen to keep the treated chickens in so they are isolated until fully treated. This will help ensure that chickens not infected will not accidentally ingest a treatment that they do not need, and it will help keep the infected chickens from infecting even more in your flock.

hahn chicken_Capri23auto_Pixabay
Image Credit: Capri23auto, Pixabay

Know What Makes a Quality Product

It is important to understand what makes a quality product before you start comparing worming options on the market to each another. First and foremost, ingredients should be your central focus. What exactly is in each product that you are considering buying? You should understand each and every ingredient on the list. If not, ask your vet for explanations.

Are the ingredients naturally derived or manmade? Either way, make sure they are the safest options. Are any of the ingredients known to cause side effects? If so, you should probably skip it because no product that you give your chickens should produce side effects of any kind. Is every ingredient in the list necessary, or are some there just as fillers? Fillers are unnecessary and a waste of money.

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Every option on our reviews list is safe, effective, and affordable. There is no prescription required and no reason to leave your home to purchase any of them because they are all available online. Don’t forget to check out our first pick, Verm-x liquid poultry and fowl parasite formula, if you are looking for a natural product that can be administered to several chickens at once. For a product that soothes the digestive and intestinal system, consider Chicken WORMwood. These are both interesting options that may make your life as a chicken owner or breeder a little easier as time goes on.

No matter which one you choose, your chickens are sure to get relief and perform better for you in the backyard or on the farm.

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