10 Best Cat Carriers for Two Cats in 2021

Size: 20” x 10” x 15”
Material: Mesh and polyester 
Max Pet Weight: 25 pounds

If you’re not worried about how much you’re spending, the Katziela Cozy Commuter is an outstanding choice. It has a high enough weight capacity for two cats at 25 pounds, is airline approved, and is made from extremely durable and long-lasting materials.

Even better, it has removable wheels and a telescoping handle that make it easy to move from location to location. Furthermore, it has plenty of additional storage pockets for snacks and treats to keep your cat happy.

This carrier is a bit expensive, but it’s also the last one that you’ll ever need to purchase.


  • Has removable wheels for easy movement
  • Airline approved
  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Carrying strap
  • Easy-to-use telescoping handling is
  • Additional storage pockets

5. Sturdi Products SturdiBag Flex-Height Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag

Sturdi Products SturdiBag Flex-Height Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag

Size: 20” x 12” x 16”
Material: Polyester, fleece, and mesh
Max Pet Weight: 50 pounds

If you have two massive cats but only want one carrier, then the Sturdi Products SturdiBag Flex-Height Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag might be what you need. However, for a bag with a 50-pound pet weight limit, the dimensions aren’t that large.

It does have detachable plush fleece pads that your cats can lie on and be comfortable, and it doubles as a car seat. Still, it’s a more expensive cat carrier option, and we wish the size reflected that just a bit more.

It’s also a bit too large for airline travel, especially with its rigid frame, so you won’t get that convenience by opting for a slightly smaller size.


  • High maximum pet weight
  • Includes detachable plush fleece pads
  • Doubles as a car seat with safety tethers
  • Has large pocket for accessories
  • Machine washable


  • Expensive
  • Too large and not flexible for airline travel

6. EliteField Expandable Soft Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag

EliteField Expandable Soft Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag

Size: 20” x 12” x 11”
Material: Polyester
Max Pet Weight: 20 pounds

The EliteField Expandable Soft Airline-Approved Cat Carrier Bag is an expanding cat carrier that gives your pet plenty of space when you’re not on the move. While the 20-pound pet weight limit isn’t the highest, it’s not exactly a small amount either.

There are three different color options and two different size options that you can choose from, and the polyester construction material makes everything lightweight and waterproof.

However, while the expanded features are nice for extra space after settling down, you can’t carry it this way. That means your cats still need to have enough space with everything folded up to use this carrier.

This isn’t a problem with smaller cats, but if you have large or even medium-sized cats, this carrier might not be big enough for two of them.


  • Can open and close sides for extra space
  • Decent maximum pet weight
  • Three color options
  • Lightweight and waterproof design
  • Two size options


  • Can’t carry it when expanded
  • There are no wheels

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7. Frisco Premium Travel Cat Carrier Bag

Frisco Premium Travel Cat Carrier Bag

Size: 19” x 11.75” x 11.5”
Material: Polyester, fleece, and mesh
Max Pet Weight: 22 pounds

The Frisco Premium Travel Cat Carrier Bag might not be the best of the best, but when the cat lays down on the soft Sherpa-lined floor pad, they certainly won’t be able to tell the difference. This carrier also has auto-locking zippers, so your cat can’t paw their way out, and it’s airline approved. Even better, it’s available for a great price.

However, it doesn’t have a car seat option, which means it will slide all over the car while you’re driving. Second, while it comes in multiple sizes, only the largest size is big enough to fit two small cats.

But the 22-pound maximum weight limit is more than enough for cats this size, so if that’s what you have, there’s no reason that you can’t give your cats a luxurious experience with this cat carrier.


  • Decent maximum pet weight
  • Affordably priced
  • Soft Sherpa-lined floor pad
  • Airline approved
  • Auto-locking zippers keep your pet safe


  • Only the largest size can fit two small cats
  • No car seat option

8. Pet Gear Signature Cat Car Seat & Carrier Bag

Pet Gear Signature Cat Car Seat & Carrier Bag

Size: 19” x 12.5” x 12”
Material: Mesh
Max Pet Weight: 20 pounds

A decent option for two small cats is the Pet Gear Signature Cat Car Seat & Carrier Bag. It’s a two-in-one car seat and pet carrier, making the affordable price tag even more impressive.

If you have two smaller cats, both the size dimensions and the maximum pet weight are adequate, although they might not be enough if you have two medium-sized cats. But this carrier does have a machine-washable fleece pad cover that is extremely comfortable for your cats to sleep on.

However, while the fleece pad cover is machine washable, the entire carrier is not. In fact, if you machine-wash the entire carrier, there’s a good chance that you’ll ruin the mesh, which will ruin the entire carrier.


  • Decent maximum pet weight
  • Affordably priced
  • Two-in-one car seat and pet carrier
  • Machine=washable fleece pad cover


  • Entire carrier is not machine washable
  • Smaller dimensions can be a tight fit for two medium-sized cats

9. Katziela Quilted Companion Cat Carrier

Katziela Quilted Companion Cat Carrier

Size: 19” x 11” x 11”
Material: Mesh and polyester 
Max Pet Weight: 21 pounds

The Katziela Quilted Companion Cat Carrier is an adorable cat carrier option that comes in three different sizes. Additionally, it’s a two-in-one car seat and pet carrier option, making it an even more versatile option for your cat.

The 21-pound maximum pet weight is high enough for two smaller cats, although the size dimensions are a bit tight. That said, this carrier is pricey.

This isn’t a bad choice overall, but if you’re willing to spend this much, there are options that will give your cats more space to work with. While it might not seem like a big deal to you, your cats will surely appreciate the extra space.


  • Three size options
  • Three color options
  • Two-in-one car seat and pet carrier
  • Decent maximum pet weight


  • More expensive for what you get
  • Smaller design is tight for two cats

10. KOPEKS Detachable Wheel Cat Carrier Bag

KOPEKS Detachable Wheel Cat Carrier Bag

Size: 20” x 13” x 11.5”
Material: Polyester
Max Pet Weight: 9 pounds

Despite the larger bag dimensions, the maximum pet weight for this carrier, the KOPEKS Detachable Wheel Cat Carrier Bag, is only nine pounds! Add in the higher price tag, and this cat carrier bag simply doesn’t make much sense.

There are three color options, detachable wheels, tons of ventilation, and a large storage pocket, but if you only have 9 pounds of pet to work with, the only way that you can use this for two cats is if they are very small indeed.

Even one medium-sized cat can push the limit, and it’s a shame because of all the perks that this carrier offers.


  • Three color options
  • Detachable wheels make moving this a breeze
  • Large storage pocket for accessories
  • Tons of ventilation keep everything cool


  • Small maximum weight
  • More expensive for what you get

Buyer’s Guide

With so many different cat carriers that all boast various features, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. That’s why we came up with this comprehensive buyer’s guide to walk you through everything that you need to know to get the best cat carrier for two cats the first time.

Multiple Cats in an Airline-Approved Carrier

While there are multiple carriers on this list that are TSA and airline approved, they won’t let you on the plane with two cats in the same carrier.

The reason for this is simple: Even if these soft carriers offer your cats enough space, once they get crammed underneath an airline seat, they won’t. So, if you plan on flying with your cats, you’ll need multiple carriers.

The good news is that most airlines will allow you to fly with up to three pets, but they’ll only let one in the cabin with you. Just be sure to check your specific airline’s requirements before booking tickets or heading to the airport.

How Much Space Do Your Cats Need?

Your cats need enough space to move around and stretch, but that doesn’t mean they can’t handle smaller spaces for a short amount of time. If you’re taking your cat to a different house or the vet, you can certainly put them in slightly tighter enclosures.

Still, your cats should have their own space without standing or sitting on top of another cat. If they can’t stand side by side in the carrier, then you need a larger option.

Keep in mind that even if you get a larger carrier that allows both cats to turn around and stretch, you still shouldn’t keep them in a carrier for a long period of time. They need space to roam, and the longer you keep multiple cats in there together, the crankier they’ll get.

Why You Should Get a Two-in-One Carrier

Two-in-one carriers are an excellent investment that you strongly need to consider. For the longest time, many owners simply put their pets in the back of the car and drove to their destination. While there’s usually nothing wrong with this, if you get into an accident, the results can be disastrous.

Just like a seatbelt keeps you safe in the event of an accident, a cat carrier that doubles as a car seat will keep them safe. It’s not as effective as your seatbelt, but your cat will only fly into a soft mesh liner instead of a hard component in your car.

These two-in-one carriers also won’t slide all over the place while you’re driving, which both you and your cats will appreciate.

two black cats in a carrier
Image Credit: EverGrump, Shutterstock

Other Important Features

While the two-in-one carrier is an important feature, it’s not the only one that you should look into. You should also look for automatic locking zippers, safety collars, ventilation, and removable pads.

The locking zippers and safety collars are great for those escape artist pets that would weasel their way out of the carrier otherwise. In some situations, this might not be a big deal, but in others, it could be a disaster.

The ventilation and removable pads are both comfort features that your cat will surely appreciate. Ventilation keeps everything cooler, which is even more ideal if you’re putting multiple cats inside.

The removable pads are far more comfortable than a hard bottom, which is good if you’ll be using the carrier often or for an extended period. Just keep in mind that some cats will scratch up the pad, so you might end up removing it, anyway.


Getting the right cat carrier for two cats is a big deal. But if you’re still unsure about what you need, why not go with the Petsfit Double Sided Expandable Cat Carrier Bag? It’s our top choice for a reason, as it combines both affordability and price.

The EliteField Soft-Sided Cat Carrier Bag and the Sherpa Forma Frame Cat Carrier Bag are on opposite sides of the price spectrum. The EliteField bag is excellent for those on a budget, and the Sherpa bag is for those who want the best, regardless of the price!

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