7 year old male Cross-Breed available for adoption

Montan is a smallish 7 year old male Cross-Breed. He came to us originally around a year ago and was adopted but has recently been returned for not bonding with the man in the household.

Montan is an extremely affectionate dog to one person at a time, but doesn’t want to share his love with anyone else. He gets on fine with other dogs and can go off lead when he is bonded with his owner.

Montan can be spooked by things and people who move too quickly and consideration must be made for this as it’s very clearly connected to the abuse suffered in his life in Romania before coming to us. He is clean and quiet in the house and loves a cuddle.

Montan is looking for a home with a lady living alone who doesn’t mind putting him away when visitors call. He could live with or without other dogs. Montan is fostered in Gorleston.

Fences and gates must be 5ft min & secure.

Please note that it is Safe Rescue policy that all dogs adopted from us must wear a slip lead to be walked for the duration of their lives. Too many dogs are lost from slipping out of collars and harnesses and many of our dogs are timid due to past ill treatment and likely to panic whilst out and about. It is absolutely okay to use these things additionally to slip leads but not instead of. We also request that extendable retractable leads are never used on our dogs. If you are opposed to slip leads, please do not enquire about our dogs as this is not negotiable. Thank you for understanding. All dogs have to be collected and a crate must be used.

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Safe Rescue

For further details regarding adopting a dog from Safe Rescue please email saferescue@hotmail.co.uk or telephone Kelly Hare 07899 844524 or 07788 251197

We are a voluntary organisation with members from all over the world that have come together to help dogs in need, regardless of their location. To date we have helped dogs from Spain, Cyprus and Turkey but the majority of our work takes place in Romania where we have built up strong relationships with many dedicated rescuers before bringing the dogs to the UK and into foster care for rehoming.

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