Where Should You Buy a Lovebird? (Updated in 2021)

Do you have your heart set on adding a pair of lovebirds to your home? If you’re certain, then your next step is to figure out where to find them. You sure do have a lot of possibilities these days when it comes to purchasing these birds. You can browse online, check local papers, or sift through ads to rehome pets.

No matter how you conduct your search, it’s good to know what your options are. Let’s discuss a breakdown of where you can buy a lovebird pair so you can purchase responsibly.


1. Local Breeders or Aviaries

Buying a pair of lovebirds from a breeder is probably your best bet. However, you need always to make sure this person is reputable, producing healthy, quality hatchlings. Lovebirds are gentle creatures, but they are quite delicate as well.

Because you want your purchase to ensure your bird lives healthy, long lives, buying from a professional breeder or aviary is the way to go. If a business has a history of healthy hatches and satisfied customers, chances are your bird will thrive.

Image Credit: Jondolar Schnurr, Pixabay

How to Search for Lovebird Breeders

When you’re searching for an excellent breeder, what’s the best way to find them? Thanks to modern advancements—they’re just one internet search away.

Many breeders or companies found social media platforms to be beneficial for pet advertisements. If you’re looking for lovebirds, you can scour through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media outlets to check out potential nearby options.

On Google, you can search breeders near you by adding in a couple of keyword cues. For example, using keywords like “Lovebird Breeder + (insert city or state)” will give you a list of breeders in your area.

On many bird websites that are dedicated to education and information about lovebirds, they also have licensed breeder directories for potential owners.

2. Online Pet Shops

There are specific sites dedicated to selling exotic animals, just like beloved lovebirds. You can browse through available birds. Typically, each breeder will list images of the birds, a description, and contact information.

Some sellers will list the price, and others explain those details privately. So, if you have any additional questions that the seller didn’t cover in their ad, you can reach out for further information.

Yellow-collared Lovebirds
Image Credit: Chichkanova Anastasiia, Shutterstock

What to Know When Buying Online

Processes for buying online will differ drastically. Some payments will secure your birds, but you have to pick them up. Some breeders or online pet shops will ship to you. This is a matter of comfort for you as well.

Also, be wary of scams. If a deal sounds too good or if someone wants your bank account information—stay away! This is likely a scam, and you should never divulge personal details about yourself online to non-secure sources.

How to Obtain a Lovebird Listed Online

If you fall in love with a lovebird pair online, you might wonder how this is going to work. After all, ads can come from across the country. Luckily, there are options for you.


Shipping birds might seem scary, but that’s likely how many of them got their current location. These days, there are crucial precautions when shipping or receiving animals, and most do very well during transit.

However, this is an investment. Often, you don’t get to see the personality or health of the bird until they arrive. You might get a pair of sickly birds or realize they are not what the breeder advertised. Then, you are stuck immediately trying to resolve an issue caused by shipping.

Lastly, there are usually much higher fees associated with shipping birds, as there is much more value at stake than a letter from a friend. Breeders or facilities need correct insurance and coverage to ship their merchandise, too.


  • Effortless
  • Convenient
  • Broadens selection


  • Potential shipping delays
  • Sickness aboard
  • Costly
Lovebirds in cage
Image Credit: Anita_Morgan, Pixabay


If your lovebirds are a state away, and you’re willing to travel, you absolutely can take the car out for a good old-fashioned road trip. Of course, you need to factor in additional costs relating to gas and other expenses. If it’s worth your time, you can schedule a meeting with the breeder and proceed from there.

A big worry here is not knowing exactly what you’re getting and possibly making the trip for a defective or unhealthy pair. It would be a pity to travel all that way to come home empty-handed.


  • No shipping worries
  • See lovebirds in person


  • Gas can be pricey
  • Time can be wasted if birds aren’t as advertised

3. Personal Ad Sites

Personal ad sites allow owners to post pets they are trying to rehome—and potential adopters can take a look. Sometimes, owners might find themselves in a pickle, unable to care for their beloved pets. This method allows them to connect with people ready to take on the responsibility.

Also, these sites are another way for breeders or aviaries to spread the word for their business. You can contact them directly through the information they provide.

However, because many of these sites are unregulated, they are a playground for scammers. Never give out any site codes or information to someone, even if they request it. Identity theft is common among these platforms, so protect yourself and your data at all times.

lovebird on mans hand
Image Credit: Choco’Love, Shutterstock

Popular Ad Sites


Craigslist can be a shady place, so always be careful. They don’t condone animal sales, but they do allow current owners to post their pets to rehome. They should only charge a modest rehoming fee, but nothing outlandish.


Hoobly is home to both breeders and pet owners alike. You can browse through listings that show the images and price of the lovebirds. The site is a bit difficult to navigate, but it typically has less scamming than Craigslist does. Still, be careful of how you present your information to sellers.

4. Adoption Sites

Some sites help potential owners to connect with homeless pets. Sites like Petfinder help you narrow your search to see if any shelters or rescues near you have a pair of lovebirds. If anything comes up on the search, you will see lovebird results populated on the screen.

baby lovebird on human hand
Image Credit: fandy eka nanda, Shutterstock

With each click, you can read information about the lovebirds, such as:

  • Adoption costs
  • Location of shelter
  • Contact information
  • Lovebird personality and health information
  • Applicable application forms

One thing to mention here is that some of these sites don’t update every day. Also, some applications may exist without your knowledge. This means, once you reach out, there is a chance the lovebirds might already have a home in place—so try not to get too excited initially.


5 Fun Facts About Lovebirds

1. Lovebirds mate for life.

While this might not surprise you, lovebirds are a species that mate for life. That means, once they meet their mates, they pine for one another like no other. They mutually respect and care for one another loyally throughout their lifetimes—and even after they lose their partner.

2. Lovebirds feed each other.

If two lovebirds have been separated for any length of time, they are often seen feeding one another to strengthen the bond.

Lilian’s Lovebirds
Image Credit: Ward Poppe, Shutterstock

3. It’s cruel to have a singular lovebird.

Lovebirds are monogamous creatures that thrive on partner companionship. Owning a singular bird can lead to intense depression and health decline. Always have a bonded pair—or none at all.

4. Lovebirds are cavity dwellers.

In nature, lovebirds nest in tree cavities and other holes for protection.

5. Lovebirds can be a handful.

Some lovebirds are not that lovable. Each bird has its own personality, and some of them can be downright saucy, to say the least. So, prepare for it just in case.


Final Thoughts

If you are itching to find a lovebird pair near you, don’t let us keep you any longer. Remember to browse responsibly, avoiding scammy behavior or suspicious ads.

Lovebirds are popular, incredible birds with wonderful characteristics. You should be able to find a vast selection with just a few clicks of your mouse. Hopefully, one of these methods works for you.

Featured Image Credit: TRAPHITHO, Pixabay

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