2 year old male German Shepherd Dog Cross available for adoption

Max is a 2 year old male German Shepherd Dog Cross. He is such a lovely, fun boy. When he first came to the shelter, he was very nervous but soon came out of his shell and started to show his true personality.

We understand in his previous home, Max followed his owner everywhere so it was quite a shock for him to find himself in the shelter. He is very intelligent. Loves his walks and will play with toys and chase balls all day long.

He doesn’t get on too well with other males but he has a female kennel mate and they love each other. She is very timid, so Max gives her confidence. They love to curl up together in their bed.

Current location is in Portugal can travel to the UK once he has a home to go to.

Adoption Fee : £395 – to be paid direct to the Portuguese rescue to cover travel costs via UK bank account.

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