Sheriff and Lacey – 16 year old female Labrador cross Dalmatians available for adoption

Sheriff and Lacey are adorable 16 year old female Labrador cross Dalmatians. They are in an Oldies Club foster home in Luton, Bedfordshire, waiting for a lovely person to offer them a permanent home together.

Let’s face facts, Sheriff and Lacey probably don’t have years ahead of them, and they do have some to-be-expected, age-related health issues, but these wonderful girls promise that the time they spend with their new owner will be filled with fun, joy and laughter. They will be so grateful for your love, companionship and care, and they have such beautiful souls.

Sheriff and Lacey would probably prefer to be the only dogs in their new home. Their previous owner’s son had a cat, and they didn’t get on, so we are looking for a cat-free home for the lovely ladies. Sheriff and Lacey are looking for a fairly quiet home but they would probably be OK to live with children aged over 12 who are calm, kind and considerate.

Sheriff and Lacey had quite poor mobility when they arrived and they are happy to just wander around the garden periodically throughout the day. However, now that they have started on pain medication, they may start to enjoy going out for a little walk occasionally. According to their previous owner’s son, Sheriff and Lacey have never been walked though. They do not like a lead unless it is attached to a comfy harness.

Their ideal home would be a quiet one with a retired couple who have lots of time and a lovely garden to enjoy with these lovely ladies.

Sheriff and Lacey are microchipped, wormed and flea-treated. They are not spayed and are too old to go through the surgery. A recent blood test showed that Lacey has some liver changes, but it was decided not to put her through further tests due to her age. Sheriff is deaf and has some large growths, one of which is a tennis-ball-sized lump on her chest. At a recent vet check the vet believed them to be fatty lumps and nothing to worry about.

They both need painkillers three times a day for their arthritis. Sheriff also takes an anti-inflammatory once a day. Their foster carer uses a tablet crusher to turn their painkillers into powder so that it’s easier for them to eat. She also uses a feeding station for the girls’ mealtimes. Lacey sometimes wanders off while she’s eating, so they need to be supervised at mealtimes, because they have painkillers hidden in their food and it is important to make sure they don’t finish each other’s meals.

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