5 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Eloa is a sweet and sassy Eloa – 5 year old female Cross-Breed. She was rescued from the streets of Thailand and currently lives at the Soi Dog Foundation shelter in Phuket.

The first thing you’re likely to notice about Eloa in the video below is her unique walk caused by a neurological condition called ataxia. Less a walk and more of a prance or a march, the vets spotted it as soon as she arrived at the shelter as a three-month-old puppy back in 2016. As you’ll see, her ataxia is no obstacle to her living a fun and happy life.

What does hold Eloa back sometimes, though, is her lack of experience of the world. The Soi Dog shelter is all she’s ever really known, so she can find unusual sounds and unfamiliar faces scary when out on her walks. However, she’s shown she can overcome her fears when she’s got a reassuring friend by her side.

Eloa is looking for someone to show her that the big bad world isn’t so bad after all. Could that be you? Her doggie bags are packed, and she’s ready to prance her way to you!

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Soi Dog Foundation

Thank you for your wonderful kindness in wishing to adopt a dog from Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand. We have hundreds of dogs waiting in anticipation of a loving home. Many have been rescued from suffering on the streets or as survivors of the Asian dog meat trade. All are deserving of a forever home, the process is very simple and will help you each step of the way. To begin your adoption journey, please visit our website to fill in an enquiry form or alternatively you can email adoptions@soidog.org

Please note, Soi Dog does not charge any adoption fee, but we require you to cover the costs involved in your new best friend travelling to your home.

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